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Cimitero di Valbrona



We wanted to achieve the continuation of a journey towards the landscape with the construction of new ossuaries and cinerari.

The excavated and nude rock accommodates the small building without any fence, if not a pound sign, which opens the way to the mountain, alone.

The small expansion of the Valbrona's cemetery, was the pretext to reorganize the cemetery restoring strength and meaning to the original structure.
Faceless design of details, of the elements that make up the artifacts, was a necessity due to the criteria of economy; this choice has helped to give more strength to the project.

Is it possible to do architecture with few standardized elements? Maybe.

The statues of Christ and the other of the first doctor of the village have been recovered, the Administration of the City did not want to get rid of these two works from graves that were dismantled; they asked us to integrate them into the project. We imagined a dialogue; a dialogue is possible in a small village like Volbrona, a dialogue between religion and science.

project team

Paolo Carlesso


Mornati Massimiliano


Laura Consonni


Simone Bossi


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