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Fagnano Olona

About the importance of geographical and social location.
For who arrive by foot, I'm after the statue of Garibaldi, after a bar, a tabacconist, a flower shop, after the bar sports, after a clothing store, a vacant shop, after an optician, a bar, now a canteen for the migrants, after a further shop vacancy, after a grocery store closed, after a butcher, and after another architecture office.
After me there is a company that rents car and driver, a computer service shop, a closed oven and a clothing store.
Over there is the alley leading to the back of the church and then to the castle.
I'm on the road like the others.
I have two windows with cyclamens below, I do not particularly like the flowers, but when I rented the vessels were already there; cyclamens are the only ones who resist to the north.
From the windows you can see a wall of plywood which are hung maps, drawings, pictures, above there is some maquettes. There is a low bookcase, it is not clear the order in which they are stored books, maybe there is not.
Sometimes you see people inside: friends, curious, customers; at 11 there will be the fourths primary school.
A friend would like to do a conference on craft beer, I agree if he brings a little '.
Another one asked if he can meet a yoga group, in this case I would leave the keys.
Emily Joe would probably exhibit some of his work (some are already there).
Then there will be books of poetry and history, this year you'll see.
There is a bench on the right of the entrance, sometimes, a few for the truth, you can see me sitting pretending to read, actually I look at the road, the rain, the cars that go by and people.

About the importance of communication and "analog references":
"Learning from Piano" and more others,
I'm an architect and I have always believed in the words of Ettore Sottsass.
Like his, my study is aimed at a predominantly wealthy clientele, maybe even more.
This types of customers unfortunately needs to be constantly guaranteed by the financial point of view. So is necessary have a beautiful studio, a nice car, a nice and courteous secretary, above this, and above beautiful.
The crisis and the abolition of the professional fees led to make drastic cuts.
I have a "deliberately peripheral study" and furnished a bit 'naive and a little' self-made; it is eco-friendly and sometimes social, but only once at month, otherwise the air becomes stale.
But above all, I invented VANESSA, the secretary who answers only to the phone from the office in Milan, where they deal to answer the phone calls and attend to the bureaucratic paperwork.
Continuing to make the falsetto voice I are inflaming the vocal cords. Yesterday the phone calls were 38.

project team

Paolo Carlesso

Project Director

Simone Bossi


Francesco Covelli

architect assistant

Gabriele Sartorelli


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